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YouTube is the leading video site on the web. It has been in existence for over 5 years now it it is still getting more and more popular. Its projected to get even more popular. Due to this huge popularity of this thousands of videos are uploaded each day on YouTube, far more videos than ALL the other video sites combined such as vimeo etc. But who are these people uploading thousands of YouTube videos each day? I hope you guessed right, they are people like you and I, they are musicians, production houses, upcoming artists, learning institutions, comedians, they are people from all walks of lives. What makes YouTube unique is that it is very easy to create an account and upload a video, from your smart phone, laptop etc. Due to this this huge number of videos uploaded daily, it is very hard to get your video the much needed exposer. Most videos end up lying in YouTube servers with no views. It’s like putting all your hard work into waste. But we have a solution to this, Buy YouTube Views. When you buy YouTube views, Likes Subscribers and comments From us, We ensure that your video gets the much needed boost to Help it Go viral. Its is common knowledge that the video with more vies continue to receive more views while the one with no views stay with no views unless the owner takes action and promotes it.

Why Us?

  • We have in business for over 5 years, With us you get experienced provider.
  • All services are done in house, we don’t outsource, this ensures that we deliver quality and we are accountable to everything that we deliver.
  • We Start working on your order in 3 hours after you order.
  • We have a 24/7 customer support.
  • None of our clients videos has ever been Banned By YouTube, as we strictly follow YouTube TOS.
  • We only deliver real views, likes and subscribers, we DO NOT use bots or software.
  • When you buy YouTube comments, we watch your video before making positive remarks about it. No generic or unrelated comments to your video.
  • We have many returning clients because they love our services.
  • We are one stop solution, all YouTube services that you need we got them.
  • We offer 100% Money back Guarantee. If we fail to deliver, We offer 100% refund.
  • To us our clients come first; we offer the best customer support.
  • Our services are very confidential; Nobody will know that you ordered from us.



Buy YouTube Views

  • Buy YouTube views From real People, no bots or sofware.
  • 100% safe to your video and cannot get your video banned.
  • We start working on your order in 3 hours after you place it.
  • You will get 500-10 000 views per day
  • Join the list Of Our Happy Clients

Our Packages
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Buy real YouTube Views cheap


Buy YouTube Subscribers

  • Buy YouTube Subscribers, Get real People Subscribing to your channel.
  • Real people who you can interact with,
  • Most subscribers are from North America and Western Europe, No subscribers from Third world countries.
  • We start working on your order in 3 hours.


Our Packages
Video/Channel URL
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Buy YouTube Comments.

  • We will watch your Video in before making Positive comments about it.
  • All comments will be in English.
  • We allow clients to send us they own list of comments or a sample list of comments to use, just email it to us after you order to sales at gbtvtalk dot com.
  • We start working on your order in 3 hours after you order.

Our Packages
Video URL
Current Number

Buy YouTube Likes

  • Buy YouTube Likes, Let us watch and and like your your video.
  • More likes shows how views liked your video.
  • We start working on your order in 3 hours.
  • All likes are from real people.


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Buy real Youtube subscribers






Do You offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes we offer 100% money back Guarantee. If we fail to deliver, we refund.

How Do you Guys Deliver The Services?

We have a huge social exchange network where real people perform these tasks in exchange for tokens inform of Points.

How Long Will It Take?

It will take 1- 10 days to deliver your order. Several factors comes in to play here including our workload and the number of active members at that particular day in our exchange network.

Are these real people?

Yes 100% real people.

What Do I put in the Comment/remarks Box?

You can put any special instructions that you have or you can simply leave it blank.

Is this page secure?

Once you select your package and input your video url, You will be directed to a secure PAYPAL page to complete the payment.

Still Have Question?

Contact Us, via the chatline all email us sales at gbtvtalk dot com all emails shall be responded to within 3 hours.

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